In CASTRO COMPOSITES we help our customers from the conceptual engineering design of a part until its final production. We advice customers to select the best processes in order to success in the production of high quality parts and composites tools.

We suggest the best materials and all their possible combinations, how to use them and through which techniques. This is extensible also to composite moulds and prototype making. 

Technical Guides


Scott Bader Innovations in High Performance Bonding Pastes and Structural Adhesives

Company Overview • Crestomer structural adhesives • High Performance Bonding Pastes • Crestabond structural MMA adhesives • Summary.

CHEMICAL RESISTANCE GUIDE for Crystic polyester / vinyl ester resins  
In this document you will find right polyester or vinyl ester resin to carry out a multitude of applications where chemical resistance is one of the key factors for the application. We have a wide range of resins for applications with resistance to most acids, alkalis, alcohols, hydrocarbons, etc.

Scott Bader products Success Stories  
In this document you will find the latest hits from Scott Bader products in applications of some of our customers.
They highlight the success of our adhesives Crestabond, Crestomer and fire retardant urethane-acrylic resins Crestapol type. These materials are used in a multitude of sectors, most notably automotive, nautical, manufacture and repair of wind blades.

Scott Bader composites guide
Excellent quide of composite materials, which serves an excellent introduction to composites sector. With this manual, you can learn the basics of thermosetting resins most widely used in the industry, reinforcing materials and construction techniques of parts and molds. It is a great tool to acquire the knowledge that any professional or amateur should have to perform different works with these materials.

GENERAL CATALOGUE of polyester resins, gel coats, adhesives, FILLERS AND DERIVATIVES
This document contains all products of the company Scott Bader, for which we are distributors in Spain.

Epoxy Bonding Polyester Gelcoats

A unique range of polyester gelcoats with exceptional adhesion to epoxy substrates allowing them to be used instead of an epoxy gelcoat. These gelcoats have been used successfully by moulders who find the product range offers excellent performance in demanding epoxy applications whilst retaining the ease of use of polyesters. This means customers enjoy huge savings on de-mould time and repairs over epoxy gelcoats, in addition to paying a lower unit price.

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